Atmos Greedy M2

$99.99 CAD


The Greedy M2 is the one of the most versatile heating attachments available, and the included dual titanium/quartz rod heating chamber gives users a powerful wax consistency atomizer to start with! The M2 is equipped with dual adjustable airflow, an easy access mouthpiece for quick refills, and is protected by a durable stainless steel housing that matches the included battery beautifully. The 60W is a smart battery, meaning it automatically adjusts to the correct wattage and voltage for the attached cartridge. Its 1400mAh capacity, 60 watts of power, and pre-heat functions make it the perfect match for the Greedy M2 attachment.


1 – Greedy M2 Heating Attachment
1 – Smart 60W Battery
1 – Dual Titanium/Quartz Rod Atomizer
1 – Micro-USB Charger
1 – User Manual


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